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The Chronicles of Teddy Lupin
Always Changing...
Wedding Bells A-Ringing... 
25th-Jul-2007 04:59 pm
Title: Wedding Bells A-Ringing...
Characters: Teddy Lupin, Andromeda Tonks
Rated: G
Word Count: 435
Summary: Teddy and his grandmother get an exciting letter [+3 pictures of it]
Author's Note: This story is just basically my intro to the next story, where a big event will be happening, and Teddy's going to be romping around. Basically, stay tuned! :D

"The wizard Lankfire tapped the door three times with his wand, and all of a sudden a big..." Andromeda's voice droned on, as she and her grandson sat on couch, both of them wrapped in a soft, swirly blanket.

Unexpectedly the little boy jumped down from the sofa, his tiny finger pointing at tawny owl that was perched at the opposite end of the room. Teddy started squealing and grabbed Andromeda’s arm when she pretended nothing had happened and kept reading the story.

“Granny, graaaannny….look!” he begged.

Andromeda glanced up at the boy, a ‘serious’ expression on her face. “What is it, Teddy?”

“A….a…” Teddy looked lost for words; he was no little eighteen month old genius…his vocabulary wasn’t very steady yet. He looked desperately at his grandmother, wanting her to fill in the blank. Andromeda just kept looking at him steadily, challenging him. But no matter how hard the little child tried, his mind just wouldn’t show him the answer. “Jus’ LOOK!”

Seeing that he just couldn’t do it, Andromeda gave in, and looked at where his finger was pointed. An owl! In fact, Ginny’s owl! But these days, it could be from either Harry or Ginny…the Potter-boy had refused to get another owl after the tragic death of his beloved owl….Hedwitch, or something like that. Shaking the thought of those dark days away, she looked back at her beloved Teddy. He was growing so fast, almost by the minute.

“Teddy, that’s an owl. OW-UL.”

Once satisfied that he would remember the word, Andromeda skipped towards the owl, which conveniently lifted its leg so she could untie the letter. She took the letter in her hand, and gave the owl a grateful pat, and settled back down on the couch to read it…as settled as a person could get with a child jumping up and down beside her.

A smile glimmering across her features, Andromeda tossed the envelope and it contents aside onto the table and looked over at Teddy, who had gotten tired of jumping and was now amusing himself by changing the color of his fingernails.

“Guess what Teddy? We’re off to a wedding with Harry and Ginny in two weeks!”

Teddy looked at her oddly, not quite sure what a wedding was, but as soon as he heard the name of his godfather he was bouncing off the walls again – he loved seeing Harry any chance he could. Still uplifted herself, Andromeda calmed the boy and continued storytime, but from the corner of her eye she could still tell that Teddy was only thinking about seeing Harry soon.
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