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The Chronicles of Teddy Lupin
Always Changing...
Teddy Lupin 
23rd-Jul-2007 09:40 pm
Well, well, well.

Teddy Lupin. A new character from the Deathly Hallows, son of Tonks and Lupin. A metamorphmagus. And a whole life-story ahead of him. What could be better?

So yes. This journal will chronicle Teddy's life from childhood to Hogwarts to adulthood to his death. And while the collection will certainly be out of order, one thing is certain...he will develop as a character. I'm going to try to keep it all as organized as possible, of course, so that we will follow the story step by step. But at any point in time I probably will jump back to add some details.


Because Teddy Lupin is coming around soon.

As an note, I must say that I can't let anyone join this community; its a personal project. However, feel free to watch it and comment on it. Also, one day it might be nice to get an artist interested here to add pretty pictures to this place, but I'm going to have quite a few entries done before that happens.

Let's go! :D
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