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The Chronicles of Teddy Lupin
Always Changing...
An End to the Beginning 
24th-Jul-2007 09:47 pm
Title: An End to the Beginning
Characters: Andromeda Tonks, Teddy Lupin, Harry Potter
Rated: PG [Floating dead bodies, anyone? :D]
Word Count: 1,294 words
Summary: Andromeda discovers the fate of Tonks and Lupin, and Harry meets Teddy.
Author's Note: If the story sounds rusty or off, it's because I haven't really written anything since school ended in June. Silly me. >.<

The ebony blanket of night draped over the house gloomily, and the uncannily eerie silence perturbed the depths of Andromeda’s heart…fear some would call it. She glanced at the sleeping baby in the crib beside her; he was too young to understand the dangers his parents were facing…too young to dream of anything but warm milk and colorful shapes. Oh, the things money could not buy – naivety and simple pleasures!

With a remote sigh, Andromeda stood up, placing the children’s story Three Blind Puffskeins back on the bookshelf and flicking all the lights off with her wand, with the exception one little night-light.

She wandered back into the hallway, her mind incapable of getting of the subject of her dear little Dora. What if she got hurt? Or worse, killed? At this point Andromeda cared little about Voldemort’s fate, or even Potter’s. She just wanted her daughter back safe and sound where she could just hug her and never let go. Yet, as usual, her pesky daughter insisted to join Remus at the stage of the grand battle, and after a few sharp words exchanged between the two of them, Andromeda could do little but give her little girl a tight hug and wish her luck.

Lost in her thoughts, Andromeda barely registered the sound of a loud knock at her door. Alarmed, she rushed towards the door as quickly as possible, hoping beyond hope that it would be Tonks standing there, bearing good news.

She had not been expecting to be shocked.

For one, it was certainly not just her daughter standing there, nor was it just Remus coming with news of some sort. It was a thousand times worse.

Her eyes first caught onto two levitating bodies, holding each other’s hands, their faces peaceful in death. Andromeda gasped, and tears started trailing down her cheeks as she examined the distinct faces of Tonks and her lover Lupin. As they say, two birds hit with a single stone for Andromeda. Her long fingers reached towards Nymphadora’s face, caressing her daughter’s cheek with all the love in the world.

Slowly, Andromeda fixed her eyes upon the others gathered around, starting with Harry Potter, the one performing the levitation charm upon the corpses. So he had survived the formidable Battle of Hogwarts. He seemed different from the last time she had seen him, but then again, harsh times did that to people. Especially to a man like Harry Potter. Her eyes glanced further, even in her tear-stained state she had an eye for details, noting the gloomy expressions upon the faces of people from the Order, especially the red-faced Arthur Weasley…the only Weasley here. Tragedy within the Weasley family, it would seem. Not totally surprising; they had a large family…but it couldn’t the same. Andromeda had lost her husband, her daughter, and her son-in-law…not to mention her distinct outlawing from the rest of the Black family. At least she had Teddy as well these real friends, ready to pay their respects.

Her gaze shifted back to Harry Potter, prepared to speak. “V-V-Voldemort is…dead?” she gulped, “It’s…over?”

Harry nodded silently, his green eyes pitying the poor witch.

“W…well, thank you all for bringing back the b-bodies…” She shivered, failing to ignore the pain in her heart as she attempted a weak smile. “I-I suppose all of you have somewhere to be and grieve…thanks for taking a little time out of the night to be here. Good night.”

All the witches and wizards behind Harry began to leave, apparating to wherever they needed to be. By the point-blank tone in Andromeda’s voice, they could tell she needed to be unaccompanied in her suffering, not surrounded by a crowd. Harry alone remained, his wand held aloft as he kept the Dora and Remus hovering above the ground.

“Well, Harry!” There was false cheer in Andromeda’s voice, but she did not like to show her grief to others, and this was her ‘safety voice’ to keep her from bawling all over his young shoulder. “I suppose we’ll have to keep them somewhere until the funeral…some temporary caskets will do, no?”

Without waiting for a reply, her fingers stumbled to grab a hold of the wand in her pocket, and she transfigured two bushes out in yard into simple brown caskets, plain yet sturdy-looking. Harry responded by allowing the bodies of Tonks and Lupin to float into the caskets, which Andromeda closed swiftly with a flick of her wand. A certain tightness in her chest relaxed; not being forced to look at the dead bodies did a great deal for her. After placing some basic protective spells upon the caskets, she turned to go back into her house, beckoning Harry with a slight incline of her head.

The two sat down on the same sofa where Harry had woken up after crashing into a muddy pond, nearly a year ago. Such a long year it had been. So dark.

“So it’s all over? No more death eaters, no more corrupt Ministry, no more V-Voldemort?” Andromeda, like so many witches, still had trouble saying the name. Especially after being jinxed to break protective enchantments, the habit of saying the name without being caught by Snatchers was rather tough. “And…and you’ve survived it all.”

“Yes.” It was all he needed to say, and Andromeda understood. He was so relieved to have it over with that he need to keep his mind off of it. She needed her own mind off of it as well.

“That reminds me…you’ve never seen Teddy yet, have you? He is such a darling, though far sweeter when he’s asleep. And his hair! Constantly changing, just like his mother’s.” Andromeda smiled in spite of her grief. “And as his godfather, you simply have to see him. He can lift anybody’s spirit up.”

She walked off towards the bedroom with Harry at her tail, head held high with pride to show off the little joy she had left. Lighting a dim lamp on a small table near the crib, Andromeda watched as Harry caught up to her and looked into at the sleeping child.

“The spitting image of his mother!” he chuckled quietly, “His hair is entirely unpredictable…there it goes again!”

Andromeda laughed quietly as well. “Yes, he does that every night as he sleeps; his hair just changes every minute…Dora was slightly tamer about it. It’s more stable when he’s awake; turquoise seems to be his regular hair color, though it changes when he’s hungry or has some really intense feeling.”

A gentle smile on her face, Andromeda walked back to the sitting room, leaving Harry a couple moments with his godson.

Potter examined the baby boy carefully…he was too young to be left without his own parents. What was he; a month old? Even younger than Harry had been when his parents had died. But unlike Harry, Teddy was destined to be basked in a lot more love throughout his own childhood. And from what Harry could tell, his hair color wasn’t the only thing that was going to attract the ladies when Ted got older; he had a gorgeous face beneath all the baby chubbiness.

“Well, Teddy…” he whispered into the child’s ear, “Here’s to you, kid.”

Harry kissed Ted’s cheek softly, who stirred slightly in his sleep as his hair changed into that vibrant pink of his mother’s.

With a tear trickling down his cheek, Harry left the room with dreams of the future.

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