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The Chronicles of Teddy Lupin

Always Changing...

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The Chronicles of Teddy Lupin
What will this community be?

A collection of information and stories that revolve around Teddy Lupin. However, other characters will abound through his years growing up/going to high school Hogwarts. [What is this Hoggy-warts I speak of? :P]

Quite likely, the posts will be erratic...jumping from first year to sixth, and whatnot. But I'll try to keep it all as even as possible. I may even make a different community later where it will all be properly organized. Or a website of my own, if I follow this project well enough.

Also, this bio will become more professional one day; and that will be nice. I'm the only one working in this community, but feel free to comment/watch. Much love. <3

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And the map thing is just to amuse me until I finally make this profile look spiffy.